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Presentation on WWW/Internet for BMET students

I had a special lecture today for Bio-Medical Equipment Technician students today at the Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk campus. It was a good experience to explore and share Web applications in the Biomedical field. It is interesting to see that there are so many applications, resources and Open data available in the biomedical domain.

Here are my slides

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Aid Transparency Barcamp: Linked data and Semantic Web Technologies for Aid Transparency

Just came back from the Aid Transparency Barcamp, Kathmandu. I had a talk on Linked data and Semantic Web Technologies for Aid Transparency. It was a mixed group of audience, with both developers and non-technical people. I guess that the presentation was a bit too much for the non-technical side (sorry for that :-P).
There are many things in the slides, so sharing them here for everyone’s reference. The developers may play with the tools and datasets. Perhaps someone could use Tim’s linked data and demonstrate some interesting app. (Thanks Tim ;-))

Some major questions/concerns from the audience –
* This seems too technical, does the user need to understand all this? (No)
* What will the user see as linked data, web pages? or something different? (ya basically web pages, but driven by data from different linked sources)

But most importantly,
* What problem does linked data address? (Thanks Simon for helping me answer this .. you can put complex queries which need data from across various sources, further you can reuse/link to existing data and similarly others can reuse/link to your data)
Towards the end Simon pointed out that we still need small concrete example applications (in aid transparency) to really convince people (at different levels) to provide (linked) open data, not just demos or visualizations. Agree.
Perhaps the developers/industry can build something really useful for some stakeholder to prove the potential of linked open data.

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PhD final defense presentation

Feel quite free after finishing the final defense for my PhD  🙂  (July 27, 2009 @ NII, Tokyo)

It went quite smoothly. Thanks to the evaluation committee for constructive comments. And it was nice to have a good number of interested audience. Thank you all for coming!

Here are the slides for my presentation, in case useful to anyone. The thesis is all about information sharing anyway 😉

presentation slides

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RDF Semantics in Japanese

Good news for Japanese Semantic Web researchers or Japanese people interested in the Semantic Web. Seiji Koide from the National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo has translated the entire W3C RDF semantics specification, which is the one of the foundations of Semantic Web, into Japanese! It is available at the following link.

This would be a great contribution for the Japanese people having a hard time trying to understand the specifications in English. It is even harder to translate and use  those terminologies properly while doing research in Japanese and explaining them to the Japanese communities. Great job 😉

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Presenting the social Semantic Web to Nepali Engineers in Japan

Yesterday I presented my paper titled “Information Sharing on the Social Semantic Web” in the Second NEA-JC Workshop on Current and Future Technologies. NEA-JC stands for Nepal Engineers’ Association – Japan Chapter. I made a general introduction to the social web and the Semantic Web, with the general audience from all backgrounds in mind. The paper has been written for non-technical audience. I am glad to see the interest shown by all in this area.

In general people understand what is the social web as there are many example sites many of them are actually using today. However, people find it hard to imagine what the Semantic Web is really like. There are rarely any sites that ordinary people are really using that could be used to cite examples of Semantic Web technologies. People are not satisfied by just understanding the vision and principles of the Semantic Web. People want to see the Semantic Web but its still hard to show to non-technical people.

I hope in the near future we will also have enough Semantic Web sites, just like the social or Web 2.0 sites today, so that people really see, understand and benefit from the Semantic Web. I feel that day will come soon with the social Semantic web, rather than pure Semantic Web technologies only. The social Semantic Web can be as common as the social web today if the social web community and the Semantic Web community work in cooperation.

Below are the links for the PDF and presentation slides.



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Just came across this. This is a cool visualization of freebase data as nodes and edges. The nodes have icons depending on their types. Nice to play with.

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StYLiD wins with the vision of a future where ordinary people publish structured data

The Semantic Puzzle | And the winner is: The vision of a future where ordinary people publish structured data

Good news 🙂 The vision of StYLiD was selected as the winner in the Linked Data Vision competition organized by the Semantic Web company for the Linked Data Planet conference and expo. The announcement is online with nice appraisal.

I am thankful to the people who appreciated my thoughts and offered me such an honor. I hope this will really help in bringing my ideas to light, making the StYLiD application widely used by people for their own benefit and joining the global efforts to realize the Giant Global Graph.

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One Laptop Per Child in Nepal – Nepals No.1 News Portal

OLPC comes to Nepal. That’s great! Instead of buying lots of books, all of that can be stored in the laptop. If the battery is good enough, it will also get around the current problem of severe power cuts in Nepal.

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Happy New Year 2007

We could see beautiful illuminations at different places of Tokyo to welcome the new year. The rainbow bridge to Odaiba was illuminated by real rainbow colors. Now I understand why they call it the rainbow bridge 🙂

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Entrance ceremony at Sokendai

This thursday morning I had to wake up a bit early because we had to attend the Entrance Ceremony at Sokendai University (Hayama Campus) at Kanagawa (South west of Tokyo, near to the sea). We gathered at the Shibuya station. We are only few students from NII, Tokyo. However, other students from Tsukuba also joined us in the station. Actually, several institutes collaboratively form Sokendai. It took about 1.5 hours to reach Hayama by our chartered bus.
At Hayama, we met more new students from other institutes of Sokendai from different parts of Japan, including one located at Hawaii too! There were about 30 new students in total, this semester. Students from differents countries around the world. I was the single Nepali.
The entrance ceremony started with a Piano recital. The Japanese lady played wonderful compositions – awesome performance. She was then joined by the brilliant Japanese classical guitarist. The entire musical performance was in jazz flavor and provided a wonderful start for the ceremony – I loved it.
The president of Sokendai marched in, followed by all the school deans and department heads  – all senior Japanese people. Then the usual introduction session. The anchor said many things in Japanese that we did not understand. Anyway we were asked to rise up and bow several times during the ceremony.
The student seminar followed after the ceremony. The theme was "Challenge". There were 3 interesting lectures from 3 different fields – space flight experience, animal behaviour and neural science!
In the evening we checked in the nearby Shonan Village Hotel. I had to share room with a young guy from Shanghai. Then all gathered for dinner. First everyone poured beer into each other’s glass, and together we Kampei !!  (cheers). There were a lots of dishes, lots of drinks (though less options for vegeterians like me). Great evening!
Then, we had parallel group discussions moderated by professors. Nice opportunity to interact with each other. Our discussions lasted more than 2 hours, supported by drinks. Finally, we went to sleep.
Next morning was exciting for us because we had the "Water Rocket" activity. Each of us made a rocket out of plastic pet bottles, assisted by their instructions. Nice looking rockets – with nozzle, nose cone and fins, and that really works! We went to the field to launch our water rockets. They had the rocket-launchers. We partially fill the rocket with water, put it into the launcher and pump air into the rocket upto about 6 atm. pressure. The rocket zooms up in the air when we release it.
The goal of the contest was to launch our rocket to a fixed target in the field. Each group had 5 rockets. We had to adjust the amount of water, air pressure, angle, etc to reach to the target. It was really fun – rockets flying in all directions, rockets flying way too far, rockets flying the opposite way, some flying outside the field, to the street  😀
The group landing nearest to the target was given a prize  – it was space food (eaten by astronauts in space)!
My rocket landed about 40m away from the target.
It was indeed a fun-filled, challenging and motivating start to we new students at Sokendai.

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