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The Joint Conference on Digital Libraries is a major international forum focusing on digital libraries and associated technical, practical, and social issues. JCDL enhances the tradition of conference excellence already established by the ACM and IEEE-CS by combining the annual events that these professional societies have sponsored on an annual basis, the ACM Digital Libraries Conferences and the IEEE-CS Advances in Digital Libraries Conferences. JCDL encompasses the many meanings of the term “digital libraries”, including (but not limited to) new forms of information institutions; operational information systems with all manner of digital content; new means of selecting, collecting, organizing, and distributing digital content; and theoretical models of information media, including document genres and electronic publishing. Digital libraries are distinguished from information retrieval systems because they include more types of media, provide additional functionality and services, and include other stages of the information life cycle, from creation through use. Digital libraries also can be viewed as a new form of information institution or as an extension of the services libraries currently provide.

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SemDL/Tutorial/WWW2007 – Corrib Clan Wiki

This is a useful tutorial about application of Semantic Web technologies to digital libraries.

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JeromeDL – e-Library with Semantics

JeromeDL – e-Library with Semantics – Home

JeromeDL also integrates semantic blogging with digital library.

JeromeDL is a Social Semantic Digital Library. As a digital library, it
allows institutions to easily publish documents on the Web. It supports
a variety of document formats and allows to store and query a rich
bibliographic description of each document.

To find relevant documents in JeromeDL users can use searching and
browsing features. Whole documents content can be searched through, as
well as single fields of the documents description, like author or
publish year. Users can also find documents by browsing content of
subject categories and keywords

With JeromeDLs social and semantic services every library user can
bookmark interesting books, articles or other materials in semantically
annotated directories. Users can allow others to see their bookmarks and
annotations and share their knowledge within a social network. JeromeDL
can also treat a single library resource as a blog post. Users can
comment the content of the resource and reply to others comments and
this way create new knowledge.

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Joint Conference on Digital Libraries 2007

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Semantic Browsing of Digital Collections

SpringerLink – Book Chapter
Visiting museums is an increasingly popular pastime. Studies have shown that visitors can draw on their museum experience, long after their visit, to learn new things in practical situations. Rather than viewing a visit as a single learning event, we are interested in ways of extending the experience to allow visitors to access online resources tailored to their interests. Museums typically have extensive archives that can be made available online, the challenge is to match these resources to the visitor’s interests and present them in a manner that facilitates exploration and engages the visitor. We propose the use of knowledge level resource descriptions to identify relevant resources and create structured presentations. A system that embodies this approach, which is in use in a UK museum, is presented and the applicability of the approach to the broader semantic web is discussed.

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DSpace Federation
The DSpace digital repository system captures, stores, indexes, preserves, and distributes digital research material.

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