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DERI Blog: The Scot ontology

DERI Blog: The Scot ontology
The SCOT(Social Semantic Cloud Of Tags) ontology considers social features about tagging and relationships among tags in given domain. It deals with Tagcloud, Tags, SIOC, SKOS, FOAF etc.


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Data Sharing – HomePage

Data Sharing – HomePage
This event is being called to address interoperability between social networks.

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Social networking 3.0

AlwaysOn Stanford Summit Webcast

This panel discussion is about the so called Social networking 3.0.

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Injecting Facebook Data into the Semantic Data Web

Injecting Facebook Data into the Semantic Data Web

So Facebook will be producing Semantic Web data. I think it is a good initiative. Huge sites like this should start standardizing  their data now by using Semantic Web principles. If big players get involved, the Semantic Web vision may not be too far.

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AKSW : Social Semantic Web Conference

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NEPOMUK – The Social Semantic Desktop

NEPOMUK – The Social Semantic Desktop
NEPOMUK intends to realize and deploy a comprehensive solution – methods, data structures, and a set of tools – for extending the personal computer into a collaborative environment, which improves the state of art in online collaboration and personal data management and augments the intellect of people by providing and organizing information created by single or group efforts.

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People Aggregator

BroadBand Mechanics presents People Aggregator

People Aggregator seems to be an interesting social network project  providing identity hubs.

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