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Snow at Nikko

This Friday morning I went to Nikko, a popular sight seeing city to the north of Tokyo. It takes about 2 hours by express train. I went with a Japanese lady from my dormitory and 11 Cambodian students! It was nice to talk to the Japanese and Cambodians.   

Nikko is famous for its marvelous shrines. The temples here are very complex and artistic unlike other temples in Japan which are quite simple in architecture. The Nikko national park is also famous for its natural scenic beauty, lakes, waterfalls and hot springs. It is a hilly place and very cold. It is a wonderful place to visit. 

It started to snow when we were going up the hill to see the lake and waterfalls. When we got at the top, it was snowing heavily and very windy. We could not go anywhere in this snow storm and decided to return back on the same bus. Anyway the snowfall was beautiful. But on our way back the road was blocked due to the snow and we were stuck in our bus for 3 hours! Finally, we got off the bus and had to walk down about 10 minutes in the snow and wind. Another bus came and picked us up. We returned back safely to our place by train  🙂

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What is Weezu ?

It is a bar opened at the bottom of Internet Explorer windows, which allows to see the people visiting the same web site as you are, provided they also have activated Weezu, and to communicate with them.

This is similar to our work Co-Browse

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FOAF Autocreation FOAF Autocreation
The FOAF autocreation script takes two links – one to your current FOAF file and one to your OPML blogroll – and produces a brand new FOAF file for you. How? By crawling through the sites in your blogroll looking for autodiscovery links and combining any data it finds with the <foaf:Person> data from your existing FOAF file.

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wordtin: FOAFaMaticMark2
This is a quick and dirty project page for the FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2: a reworking of my original Javascript FOAF-a-matic as a desktop GUI application.

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The World According to FOAF

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Tools – FOAF Wiki

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FOAF Bulletin Board

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FOAF-a-matic — Describe yourself in RDF

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Add geolocation to your FOAF profile

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