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GroupSwim: Social collaboration for enterprises

GroupSwim: SaaS-Style Collaboration – ReadWriteWeb

GroupSwim is a new Enterprise 2.0 social collaboration platform. The semantic application makes searching different types of things easy. Semantic technologies can offer powerful applications for enterprises and the use of social platform keeps things easy without any training required. Saves cost 😉

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Metaweb’s Freebase Now 60% Larger Than English Wikipedia – ReadWriteWeb

Metawebs Freebase Now 60% Larger Than English Wikipedia – ReadWriteWeb

Wow! that’s impressive. Freebase is really growing into a huge machine readable database of the world’s knowledge. Freebase is growing rapidly because bulk uploads are possible and scrapers are automatically feeding data into it. It will be interesting to see other serious applications besides Powerset making use of Freebase data. However, it is true that the interface is still complicated for the ordinary human users. Wikipedia is far simpler, user friendly and popular. Moreover, entering data into Freebase is not so flexible due to the strict data types required. Users may not always have perfect data to enter. That is why I intend to keep StYLiD interface simple and flexible for input. It is not at all intended to be another world’s database. Rather it is intended to be a simple platform to enable ordinary users to share a wide variety of structured data.

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Linked Data Shopping List

ShoppingList – MediaWiki

The Linked Data community is really gaining high momentum with effective campaigns. The campaigns seem to be increasing aggressively now with a wish list for possible Linked Data sources.

List on this page sites/datasets that you want to see published as Linked Data. This list may form the basis for some campaign/action to encourage these data publishers to embrace Linked Data.

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Microsoft Acquires Powerset

Confirmed: Microsoft Acquires Powerset – ReadWriteWeb

The software giant has finally acquired Powerset. I hope the technology of Powerset will be expanded to span the entire web instead of just Wikipedia which is the case now. It will be interesting to see how effective that will be compared to keyword and page rank based robust technology of Google. It is important that giants like Microsoft and Google demonstrate semantic applications rather than conservatively sticking to simple keyword based technologies. However, I am not sure if natural language querying will be more effective and appealing than keyword search. I think it is much easier to do keyword queries than typing in full questions.

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