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Back from the Linked Data Planet

I am just back from the Linked Data Planet. Flying all the way from Tokyo, New York seemed to be as far as another planet for me. It was a great opportunity to be in that planet, thanks to the Semantic Web Company for providing me this opportunity by selecting me in the Linked Data Vision competition. I had the honor of meeting Andreas Blumauer, CEO of the Semantic Web Company and having a talk with him. He also talked about StYLiD and offered me some good suggestions.

The Linked Data Planet was really the place to be for the Semantic Web people that time. I had the opportunity to listen to great keynote speakers including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Kingsley Idehen, Ian Davis, Atanas Kiryakov and Anant Jhingran. I also had an opportunity to talk to Michael Bergman, CEO of Zitgist. I am a frequent reader of his AI3 blog. I also talked with people from Calais and watched a demo from TopQuadrant. Other exhibitors included OpenLink Software, Inc., Franz Inc. (AllegroGraph), Ontotext Lab and others. It seems that interest is growing in the business community about the Semantic Web and Linked Data.

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StYLiD plugin for Facebook

Just created my first Facebook application.

This one is quite simple though. It shows the StYLiD concept cloud in your Facebook page so that you can browse different types of data in StYLiD directly from Facebook. It would be interesting to make more powerful interface to StYLiD in the future – for eg, submitting data to StYLiD thru Facebook, sending the posted data to friends, inviting friends to submit new data, etc.

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Reconciliation in Freebase

Reconciliation : Freebase – The Worlds Database
A REST API to handle the reconciliation problem, summed up as “Tell me which freebase topic, if any, some data corresponds to.” I think reconciliation in Freebase is mainly duplicate detection. It would be nice if the system could automatically reconcile and merge multiple instances or types.

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Freebase: Dispelling The Skepticism – ReadWriteWeb

Freebase: Dispelling The Skepticism – ReadWriteWeb

Freebase is definitely a nice and powerful application. It is different from Wikipedia though it is based on wikis because it maintains structured data. However, the Freebase interface seems to be quite overwhelming for the casual users. Wikipedia looks rather simple and easy to use. StYLiD is also based on similar idea as Freebase – enabling the users to create structured data. However, StYLiD is a lightweight application towards structured information sharing and not at all intended to be another world’s database (surely I cannot handle that). StYLiD is more like a blog for dynamic information sharing rather than a wiki. Moreover, StYLiD tries to consolidate multiple definitions by different users for the same type and produce richer and evolving conceptualizations. Freebase is cool and it will be interesting to see how people structure information. I am also trying to analyze user-defined types in Freebase and how they can be combined. Thanks to the Freebase API 😉

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myOntology prototype


Finally, the myOntology prototype is online. I was eager to see it long since i learned about the ambitious project. The interface looks quite impressive. Lets play with the features 😉

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