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This is an interesting work to utilize microformats and RDFa. Besides visualizing the embedded metadata it would be useful to offer structured forms to search arbitrary metadata formats. I am also using RDFa for my ongoing work, StYLiD. Hope I can microsearch data in my system with this. I am also looking forward to social software tools being available for anyone to author embedded metadata easily.


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The ACCORD project is about development of methodologies, theories, mechanisms, and technologies which will allow for a meaningful interaction among information sources (databases, information systems, web sites, file systems, …) within World Wide Web.

The site has a great collection of resources about ontology matching, alignment, integration, etc.

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10 Semantic Apps to Watch – ReadWriteWeb

10 Semantic Apps to Watch – ReadWriteWeb

This is an interesting and useful article showcasing 10 “Semantic applications” .. not necessarily Semantic Web applications.

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National Semantic Web Ontology Project in Finland

National Semantic Web Ontology Project in Finland FinnONTO 2003-2007 – Semantic Computing Research Group SeCo

This is the Finnish Semantic Web project. The site has a long list of publications.

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REWERSE – Reasoning on the Web

REWERSE – Reasoning on the Web

Quite a big project. Lixto has also been used for wrapper generation.

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Knowledge Media Institute : Projects

Knowledge Media Institute : Projects : Hot

Many great interesting projects.

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