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Wow! The triplification challenges sounds attractive.. Win a MacBook  😉

I hope the linked data web will really grow with tools like Triplify.

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Linked data browsers

Recently, I was playing with several linked data browsers to view data from StYLiD. Amazing to see so many data browsers available today 🙂

There are also many RDF visualization tools like

…. and so on. Wow! what an impressive list. Please add to it if I missed some.

However, I do not think that these generic RDF or linked data browsers will be useful or usable for general users, who do not know what is RDF or Semantic Web. The user will get lost in the complex data network, with lot of wanted and unwanted data, shown monotonously. I feel that it would be better to hide all this data network from the user and rather provide them useful functionalities or present only some useful data in user friendly way.

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Storing and Using RDF in Mulgara

Storing and Using RDF in Mulgara

Here is another RDF store. The author nicely explains how relational database doesn’t always  satisfy dynamic and evolving practical scenarios for sharing data on the web.

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W3C GRDDL service

W3C GRDDL service

This service was published recently. I haven’t tried it but it would be a useful service.

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RDF123 maps spreadsheet data to RDF

RDF123 maps spreadsheet data to RDF

This tool maps spreadsheets to RDF. Sounds cool.

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HyperJournal Web Site | Open publishing made easy

HyperJournal is a software application that facilitates the administration of academic journals on the Web.

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Building a Semantic Web Site Building a Semantic Web Site

This is about RSS 1.0 with metadata and topic maps.

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Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF – eRDF

Rdf In Html :: Embedded RDF Wiki :: Talis

This one is called eRDF. I think it is similar to microformats and RDFa.

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RDFa Primer 1.0

RDFa uses existing HTML constructs and HTML-compatible extensions to specify RDF ‘content’. It is not about embedding RDF/XML syntax into HTML documents.

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