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Tokyo tower

Sachit’s vinaju, who came from US, had a transit at Tokyo. We met him at his hotel Sunday evening. His flight was next day afternoon. So early morning we went to show him Tokyo. We went to the Tokyo tower.
I have put some pics also. The tokyo tower is 333 metres high. It is taller than the eiffel tower – but not so pretty. It looks more like a communication tower. We went to the observatory 150 metres high. Theres is a special observatory at 250 metres also. We can see Tokyo city all around – from Mt. Fuji to the sea. Tokyo seems to be very dense. Tokyo is very big.
We had less time. So we hurried to Shinjuku. We went to the metropolitan building. Its a twin tower. From the 45th floor we could again see Tokyo all around.  We dint have time to take him to the Times square.
Till now we havent gone much far from Tokyo.

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Playing cards at Saitama

Saturday we went to Saitama University. It was Smrita’s birthday. We actually were invited for lunch. But we reached late.. nearly in the evening 😛
There are about 20 Nepali people in Saitama university. Rabin Tuladhar, Santa Man sir couple and Bhoj Raj Panta couple were also invited. We stayed there for night. Passing time talking and laughing.We  watched a movie. We played cards all night.
Quite enjoyable time pass 😉

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Visiting places in Tokyo

Saturday and Sunday we go around places. We did a quick round on Saturday.
Shibuya: shopping, flashy, many people. When the light turns green at the crossing, so many people cross the street. Seems like a stampede.
Ginza: One of the most popular city in Tokyo. Shopping, walking streets, neon lights. Enjoyable walking around.
Roppongi: One of the popular places in Tokyo that comes alive at the night time. Discos, pubs, bars, karaokes. One of the most expensive places. We also went to the huge buildings of Roppongi Hills. The Tokyo tower is near from here. But when we got there it was already too late. May be next time.
Difficult to travel 3 places in one day, specially after getting up very late. We were very tired when we returned.
However, Sunday morning we woke up early and headed towards Asakusa.
Asakusa: The Sensoji temple in Asakusa is the oldest temple in Tokyo, and very popular. There are many shrines in Asakusa. The temple is quite big, huge roof. Though the temples are not artistic with carvings like in Nepal, they look nice. Lot of Japanese people come and pray. We get to see traditional things also. There are streets with many many many shopping stalls – selling souveniers, food, clothes, etc – Japanese fans, Samurai swords, etc.
Odaiba: From Asakusa we took a cruise on the Sumida river to Odaiba – one of the most famous tourist places in Tokyo and a high-tech city. The Japanese lady in the cruise narrated mostly in Japanese and occasionally in English. We passed under many bridges. We stopped near the Rainbow bridge. A very long bridge – long and winding and many layers of road.
We took a train to the Odaiba seaside. We went to the extraordinary building of Fuji television. The building has a strange architecture. It has a spherical observatory at the 25th floor. We went there and looked around Odaiba. The rainbow bridge looks great. We could see one of the worlds most developed cities all around. We could not see mount Fuji due to poor visibility. Neatly shaped islands – I think artificially made.And it was very very windy at the seaside – pushing hard.
There is a replica of the Statue of Liberty near the beach. Statue of liberty and the long bridge in background – may be its looks just like this in the US. The beaches here have no sand. They have reclaimed lands on the sea also. There is an artificial sand beach – with sand 🙂
In the evening we landed in the Tokyo showroom. There were latest shining cars. We got into few. There were sports cars also.
Then we enjoyed an aerial view of the city for 15 mins in the giant ferry wheel. We went inside glamorous shopping centers. One was called Venus fort – it has a false ceiling which looks like open sky.
Nice weekend 🙂

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Days these days

Still cold and difficult to wake up in the morning. Cozy in office – sometimes feels very sleepy 😛
But anyway good to be whole day in office. Sachit and I use the kitchen these days. But dont cook anything as such. Rice, curry, spagetthi, soup – evrything in ready in  packs. Just heat few mins in microwave.
Sometimes we go to 100 yen shops. We have discovered one. Can get almost evrything there. But mostly Chinese goods.
At night time, when it is time to sleep, I go back to my room by train. Japan is the land of trains – we use train to go anywhere. I havent yet got on a bus.
Days passing like this. But Saturdays and Sundays are interesting. We always go out, visit Nepali friends, see some new places.

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