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openkapow – Blogs

This is another system for creating mashups to offer services using data from the web.

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The Ultimate RSS Toolbox

The Ultimate RSS Toolbox – 120+ RSS Resources

This is a useful listing of wide variety of RSS tools.

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Building a Semantic Web Site Building a Semantic Web Site

This is about RSS 1.0 with metadata and topic maps.

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People Aggregator

BroadBand Mechanics presents People Aggregator

People Aggregator seems to be an interesting social network project  providing identity hubs.

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Spokeo, a social network aggregator

» Spokeo, a social network aggregator | The Social Web |

This system can aggregate contents from various social networking and blogging sites. Content aggregation through social links is similar to the idea of decentralized aggregation of publications in SocioBiblog.

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Dapper: The Data Mapper

Dapper: The Data Mapper

This also seems to be an interesting tool for creating customized information sources.

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Plagger – Trac

This seems to be interesting work by the Japanese, similar to Yahoo pipes.

Plagger is a pluggable RSS/Atom feed aggregator written in Perl. Everything is implemented as a small plugin and you can mash them up together to build a new application to handle RSS/Atom feeds. Ray Ozzie said RSS can be Unix Pipe of the Internet and that way Plagger is an Unix shell for Web 2.0

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Pipes: Rewire the web

Pipes: Rewire the web

This is a cool way of feeds aggregation.

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~ awasu ~

~ awasu ~
Innovative RSS

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