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Clustering comes to Flickr

Clustering comes to Flickr

I recently noticed that Flickr now shows clustering of tags – something I wanted to do.

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Automated Tag Clustering: Improving search and exploration in the tag space

Automated Tag Clustering: Improving search and exploration in the tag space

The use of clustering techniques enhances the user experience and thus the success of collaborative tagging services. We show that clustering techniques can improve the user experience of current tagging services. We first describe current limitations of tagging services, second, we give an overview of existing approaches. We then describe the algorithms we used for tag clustering and give experimental results and a variety of conclusions.

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Tutorial on Document Clustering

Tutorial on Document Clustering

Tutorials and software packages for clustering.

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Vivísimo, Inc – Enterprise Search, Federated Search and Clustering

Vivisimo is a clustering search engine, yielding results by subject area to provide you with better ways to find the information you seek. The Vivisimo engine uses sophisticated algorithms to cluster articles into meaningful topic categories, based on the words appearing in the abstract and title of an article.

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