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StYLiD plugin for Facebook

Just created my first Facebook application.

This one is quite simple though. It shows the StYLiD concept cloud in your Facebook page so that you can browse different types of data in StYLiD directly from Facebook. It would be interesting to make more powerful interface to StYLiD in the future – for eg, submitting data to StYLiD thru Facebook, sending the posted data to friends, inviting friends to submit new data, etc.

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StYLiD wins with the vision of a future where ordinary people publish structured data

The Semantic Puzzle | And the winner is: The vision of a future where ordinary people publish structured data

Good news 🙂 The vision of StYLiD was selected as the winner in the Linked Data Vision competition organized by the Semantic Web company for the Linked Data Planet conference and expo. The announcement is online with nice appraisal.

I am thankful to the people who appreciated my thoughts and offered me such an honor. I hope this will really help in bringing my ideas to light, making the StYLiD application widely used by people for their own benefit and joining the global efforts to realize the Giant Global Graph.

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StYLiD screencast demo

Finally created a basic screencast video for StYLiD. Hmm… not so easy job.

Here is the original video. The youtube video below is poor quality 😦

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StYLiD: Social Information Sharing with Free Creation of Structured Linked Data

StYLiD: Social Information Sharing with Free Creation of Structured Linked Data

I presented this paper about StYLiD in the Social Web and Knowledge Management Workshop (SWKM 2008), April 22nd, co-located at the 17th World Wide Web Conference WWW2008, Beijing, China. It was a half-day workshop with only 6 selected papers. The session was interesting and very relevant to my area of research.  This was my first time to attend the WWW conference. Quite an honor to be in such a great conference 😉

Here is my paper and here are my slides.

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Structure Your own Linked Data with StYLiD

I just came back from Seattle, USA after doing a poster presentation of StYLiD (Structure Your own Linked Data) in the second International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM 2008). Seattle is a great place to be 😉

You may download the poster here. This is the poster paper. The system is online. You may register your account for free and start using it!

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OntoBlog: Linking Ontology and Blogs

OntoBlog: Linking Ontology and Blogs

I presented this paper in the Semantic Authoring, Annotation and Knowledge Markup Workshop (SAAKM 2007) co-located with the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-Cap 2007), Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It was an interesting workshop followed up by enthusiastic discussions.

Online proceedings is available here.  You can download my paper here and these are my slides.

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SocioBiblog: A Decentralized Platform for Sharing Bibliographic Information

SocioBiblog: A Decentralized Platform for Sharing Bibliographic Information

I recently presented this paper in the IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2007, Vila Real, Portugal, 5-8 October 2007. The paper was awarded the Best Paper in the area of Web 2.0!

Here are the presentation slides and the paper.

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SocioBiblog: Enabling Communication on Bibliography with Semantic Blogging

SocioBiblog: Enabling Communication on Bibliography with Semantic Blogging

Sharing of information about publications is very important in a research community. The paper describes a system which demonstrates how semantic blogging can be used for the purpose. It incorporates SWRC ontology into blogging for entering metadata about publications; facilitates commenting on publications and provides a decentralized aggregation mechanism to aggregate publications in the community. RSS aggregation has been extended to handle metadata in BuRST feeds. The system uses FOAF links of authors and friends to explore the social network of the research community and gather RSS/BuRST feeds.

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Nepal Development Forum 2004

Nepal Development Forum 2004

The software for the news postings was developed my me.

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