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Back from ASWC 2008, Thailand

I am back after presenting my paper in ASWC 2008, Bangkok, Thailand. I presented the following paper about StYLiD in the “Ontologies and tags” session.

Consolidating User-Defined Concepts with StYLiD

You can find my presentation slides here.

The conference was successful overall and an interesting experience for all. Congratulations to the organizers who made the conference a success inspite of the recent political troubles which forced the conference to be postponed to 2009, and some people could not make it to the new schedule too. It was a good conference with many high quality interesting papers. It was an enjoyable conference with various light moments and beautiful cultural shows.

It was nice to be back in Thailand again. I also visited AIT, from where I graduated, to meet some faculty and some of my colleagues who are still there. It was a great nostalgic feeling. I was lucky, I also got to attend an invited talk by Dr. Ramanathan Guha from Google, on the same day, in a full-packed room at AIT.


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InterOntology08 – Interdiciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan

InterOntology08 – Interdiciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan

This conference was held at the Keio University in Tokyo. Prof. Hideaki Takeda gave his invited talk titled “Ontology for People — Vagueness and multiplicity”. He talked about how conceptualizations are naturally vague and essentially lead to multiple concept definitions depending on the user’s perspective. He introduced my work, StYLiD, as a system to consider with such vagueness and multiplicity 🙂

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Programme |

Programme |

Great programme listing for the International Conference on Social Software 😉 .. I look forward for it.

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5th European Semantic Web Conference 2008

5th European Semantic Web Conference 2008

Would be great to attend this conference.

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Journals and Conferences in Computer Science

Journals and Conferences in Computer Science

Good collection for journals and conferences 😉

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Semantic Web Strategies

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BlueBlog: Conference Tips for Startups: Where to go and what to do once you get there

BlueBlog: Conference Tips for Startups: Where to go and what to do once you get there

Nice tips. May be useful to me if I want to launch a Web 2.0 or 3.0 (or whatever) startup 🙂

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