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InterOntology08 – Interdiciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan

InterOntology08 – Interdiciplinary Ontology Forum in Japan

This conference was held at the Keio University in Tokyo. Prof. Hideaki Takeda gave his invited talk titled “Ontology for People — Vagueness and multiplicity”. He talked about how conceptualizations are naturally vague and essentially lead to multiple concept definitions depending on the user’s perspective. He introduced my work, StYLiD, as a system to consider with such vagueness and multiplicity 🙂

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Freebase Wikipedia Extraction WEX

Freebase Wikipedia Extraction WEX

It is interesting that Freebase is making Wikipedia data available in machine readable XML form and promise to keep it updated. I hope it will be useful.

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microsearch « Tripletalk

This is an interesting work to utilize microformats and RDFa. Besides visualizing the embedded metadata it would be useful to offer structured forms to search arbitrary metadata formats. I am also using RDFa for my ongoing work, StYLiD. Hope I can microsearch data in my system with this. I am also looking forward to social software tools being available for anyone to author embedded metadata easily.

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Welcome to Linked Data Planet

Welcome to Linked Data Planet

This seems to be a significant conference, all about the Linked Data web.

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OneBigWeb » Blog Archive » On the Evolution of Folksonomies and Folkschemas

OneBigWeb » Blog Archive » On the Evolution of Folksonomies and Folkschemas

“Folkschemas”, nice word. I guess this is something I am trying to do with StYLiD (Structure Your own Linked Data).

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