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One Laptop Per Child in Nepal – Nepals No.1 News Portal

OLPC comes to Nepal. That’s great! Instead of buying lots of books, all of that can be stored in the laptop. If the battery is good enough, it will also get around the current problem of severe power cuts in Nepal.

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OntoBlog: Informal Knowledge Management by Semantic Blogging

OntoBlog: Informal Knowledge Management by Semantic Blogging

I recently presented this paper at  the 2nd International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications, (SKIMA 2008), Kathmandu, Nepal. Click here to download the paper and click here to download the slides.

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From Wikipedia URI-s to DBpedia URI… « Ivan’s blog

From Wikipedia URI-s to DBpedia URI… « Ivan’s blog

Hmm.. good to notice this in time. I would have the same problem converting Wikipedia urls into DBpedia URIs. However, I found that DBpedia also returns some redirect data in that case, not 404.

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Main Page – Wikimania

I think this would be a great event for Wiki maniacs 😉

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Linked data browsers

Recently, I was playing with several linked data browsers to view data from StYLiD. Amazing to see so many data browsers available today 🙂

There are also many RDF visualization tools like

…. and so on. Wow! what an impressive list. Please add to it if I missed some.

However, I do not think that these generic RDF or linked data browsers will be useful or usable for general users, who do not know what is RDF or Semantic Web. The user will get lost in the complex data network, with lot of wanted and unwanted data, shown monotonously. I feel that it would be better to hide all this data network from the user and rather provide them useful functionalities or present only some useful data in user friendly way.

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Web 3G


The combination of user participation if Web 2.0 with the vision of the Semantic Web is hot area now. I am also trying to contribute something in this area. Some call this practical direction Web 3.0. I see the name Web 3G now – The Third Generation of the Web 🙂 Anyway, I believe that the Web is really going to advance a lot.

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