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Semantic Web Pipes

Semantic Web Pipes

The presentation about the Semantic Web Pipes from DERI in the WWW 2008 conference, developers track was very impressive. It is based on the idea of yahoo pipes of mixing and channeling data through operators, but for semantically structured data which offers more powerful operations. It also offers impressive GUI for handling the pipes though not as beautiful as yahoo pipes GUI. Sometime ago I had also presented similar idea of Semantic Web pipes for SocioBiblog, a semantic blogging system for decentralized flow of bibliographic information in communities. However, it only had limited operations of mixing feeds and filtering by metadata elements.

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OntoBlog: Informal Knowledge Management by Semantic Blogging

OntoBlog: Informal Knowledge Management by Semantic Blogging

I recently presented this paper at  the 2nd International Conference on Software, Knowledge, Information Management and Applications, (SKIMA 2008), Kathmandu, Nepal. Click here to download the paper and click here to download the slides.

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OntoBlog: Linking Ontology and Blogs

OntoBlog: Linking Ontology and Blogs

I presented this paper in the Semantic Authoring, Annotation and Knowledge Markup Workshop (SAAKM 2007) co-located with the 4th International Conference on Knowledge Capture (K-Cap 2007), Whistler, British Columbia, Canada. It was an interesting workshop followed up by enthusiastic discussions.

Online proceedings is available here.  You can download my paper here and these are my slides.

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SocioBiblog: A Decentralized Platform for Sharing Bibliographic Information

SocioBiblog: A Decentralized Platform for Sharing Bibliographic Information

I recently presented this paper in the IADIS International Conference WWW/Internet 2007, Vila Real, Portugal, 5-8 October 2007. The paper was awarded the Best Paper in the area of Web 2.0!

Here are the presentation slides and the paper.

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Micro-Blogging Tools Compared

10 Micro-Blogging Tools Compared

This article discusses about  various tools for so called micro-blogging.

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Blogs, WordPress, Zitgist and the Semantic Web

Blogs, WordPress, Zitgist and the Semantic Web at Frederick Giasson’s Weblog

This is a cool thing for using Semantic Web with blogs implemented using Zitgist technologies. I would like to know how it works. It is also somewhat similar to my idea of semantic navigation through blog entries.

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What next for Semantic Blogging?

Tech Report: HPL-2006-149: What next for Semantic Blogging?

Steve Cayzer talks about the current state and future of semantic blogging with widening scope in this report.

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Semantic Blogging Project : Knowledge Media Institute

Semantic Blogging Project : Knowledge Media Institute

I recently came across this another initiative  for semantic blogging. However, not much information is available yet.

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Yoono Announces New Feature: Buzz it

Yoono Announces New Feature: Buzz it

Sounds interesting. With this you can clip parts of web pages, mash up, share them with others and post to your blog!

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