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Freebase: Dispelling The Skepticism – ReadWriteWeb

Freebase: Dispelling The Skepticism – ReadWriteWeb

Freebase is definitely a nice and powerful application. It is different from Wikipedia though it is based on wikis because it maintains structured data. However, the Freebase interface seems to be quite overwhelming for the casual users. Wikipedia looks rather simple and easy to use. StYLiD is also based on similar idea as Freebase – enabling the users to create structured data. However, StYLiD is a lightweight application towards structured information sharing and not at all intended to be another world’s database (surely I cannot handle that). StYLiD is more like a blog for dynamic information sharing rather than a wiki. Moreover, StYLiD tries to consolidate multiple definitions by different users for the same type and produce richer and evolving conceptualizations. Freebase is cool and it will be interesting to see how people structure information. I am also trying to analyze user-defined types in Freebase and how they can be combined. Thanks to the Freebase API 😉

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From Wikipedia URI-s to DBpedia URI… « Ivan’s blog

From Wikipedia URI-s to DBpedia URI… « Ivan’s blog

Hmm.. good to notice this in time. I would have the same problem converting Wikipedia urls into DBpedia URIs. However, I found that DBpedia also returns some redirect data in that case, not 404.

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Main Page – Wikimania

I think this would be a great event for Wiki maniacs 😉

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Freebase Wikipedia Extraction WEX

Freebase Wikipedia Extraction WEX

It is interesting that Freebase is making Wikipedia data available in machine readable XML form and promise to keep it updated. I hope it will be useful.

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Wikipedia scanner

List anonymous wikipedia edits from interesting organizations

This tool is attracting attention now. It may be revealing the motives and interests of several major organizations by tracking Wikipedia edits. It may be a controversial thing. However, it discourages inappropriate behavior in the common encyclopedia.

Leave a Comment – Using Wikipedia as a Web Database – Using Wikipedia as a Web Database is a community effort to extract structured information from Wikipedia and to make this information available on the Web. DBpedia extracts structured information from Wikipedia and makes this information available on the Semantic Web. allows you to ask sophisticated queries against Wikipedia and to link other datasets on the Web to DBpedia data.  It already has a huge database and is a great resource.

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