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DERI Blog: The Scot ontology

DERI Blog: The Scot ontology
The SCOT(Social Semantic Cloud Of Tags) ontology considers social features about tagging and relationships among tags in given domain. It deals with Tagcloud, Tags, SIOC, SKOS, FOAF etc.


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Pligg, The Open Source Digg Clone, Put Up For Sale

Pligg, The Open Source Digg Clone, Put Up For Sale

I had recently started using Pligg for my research. I hope I can still continue using it even after someone buys it. It has a lot of features and has a large user base that makes it luring.

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Social Bookmarking Tools : A General Review

Social Bookmarking Tools : A General Review

This article discusses about social bookmarking tools, something I was looking for 😉

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Social tagging and ontologies will co-exist

Peter Mika: “Social tagging and ontologies will co-exist”

Here is an interview of Peter Mika about social tagging and ontologies.

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Integrating bottom-up and top-down classification in a social tagging system

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Improving Social Bookmarking Granularity

InfoSpaces » Blog Archive » Improving Social Bookmarking Granularity

I like the idea of hierarchical tagging. Perhaps this can form a structured folksonomy.

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Yoono Announces New Feature: Buzz it

Yoono Announces New Feature: Buzz it

Sounds interesting. With this you can clip parts of web pages, mash up, share them with others and post to your blog!

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