JeromeDL – e-Library with Semantics

JeromeDL – e-Library with Semantics – Home

JeromeDL also integrates semantic blogging with digital library.

JeromeDL is a Social Semantic Digital Library. As a digital library, it
allows institutions to easily publish documents on the Web. It supports
a variety of document formats and allows to store and query a rich
bibliographic description of each document.

To find relevant documents in JeromeDL users can use searching and
browsing features. Whole documents content can be searched through, as
well as single fields of the documents description, like author or
publish year. Users can also find documents by browsing content of
subject categories and keywords

With JeromeDLs social and semantic services every library user can
bookmark interesting books, articles or other materials in semantically
annotated directories. Users can allow others to see their bookmarks and
annotations and share their knowledge within a social network. JeromeDL
can also treat a single library resource as a blog post. Users can
comment the content of the resource and reply to others comments and
this way create new knowledge.

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