A Semantic Blogging Framework for Better Utilization of Information

This is my Master’s thesis

Semantic blogging is a recently emerging technology that attempts to solve the problems of traditional blogging by integrating the features of the semantic web. However, the semantic capabilities currently implemented for semantic blogging are still limited. It is difficult to obtain blog entries relevant to a topic in an aggregated and organized form. A new framework for semantic blogging has been developed capable of organizing results relevant to user requirement. The framework attempts to provide more effective navigation and search by exploring semantic relations in blogs. The framework has been constructed by extending the Blojsom blogging infrastructure. Ontology has been introduced to utilize semantic relations, enhanced by inference. Blog entries are mapped to the ontology using language processing. Search results are organized by introducing semantic aggregation. Blog entries are enriched by metadata and an annotation mechanism has also been developed. The framework has been tested and evaluated by implementing a system for computer department domain ontology. Experiments have shown quite good results. Positive feedback about the effectiveness of the system has been obtained from the users. Enhancing semantic blogging, by utilizing ontology to find semantic relations, provides better results with more effective organization and navigation.

Download pdf


  1. Knud said

    Hi, there seems to be something wrong with the pdf – I can’t open it in any pdf viewer. It would be interesting to read your thesis, though! Could you provide me with a working version? Thanks, Knud

  2. […] work is similar to my thesis on semantic blogging. Tags are mapped to ontology in this work while blog entries are directly […]

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