Back from the Linked Data Planet

I am just back from the Linked Data Planet. Flying all the way from Tokyo, New York seemed to be as far as another planet for me. It was a great opportunity to be in that planet, thanks to the Semantic Web Company for providing me this opportunity by selecting me in the Linked Data Vision competition. I had the honor of meeting Andreas Blumauer, CEO of the Semantic Web Company and having a talk with him. He also talked about StYLiD and offered me some good suggestions.

The Linked Data Planet was really the place to be for the Semantic Web people that time. I had the opportunity to listen to great keynote speakers including Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Kingsley Idehen, Ian Davis, Atanas Kiryakov and Anant Jhingran. I also had an opportunity to talk to Michael Bergman, CEO of Zitgist. I am a frequent reader of his AI3 blog. I also talked with people from Calais and watched a demo from TopQuadrant. Other exhibitors included OpenLink Software, Inc., Franz Inc. (AllegroGraph), Ontotext Lab and others. It seems that interest is growing in the business community about the Semantic Web and Linked Data.

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