People visit the virtual world of the World Wide Web but do not see other visitors visiting the same web location. The proposed approach, also called collaborative web browsing, is an attempt to enhance the web browser to show web visitors. An experimental browser extension for the Microsoft Internet Explorer, called Co-Browse, has been developed for the purpose. This shows visitors on any page at any instant and allows communication with them. Normally, people sharing similar interests or having the same problem or quest visit the same locations. Communities would foster on the web facilitating better utilization, searching and sharing of information resources. This could be introduced as a global communication technology and an instant media. The work can also prove to be a powerful tool for analysis of visitors on any site. It would also be possible to search people around the vicinity of any web page. As we can see public conversation on sites, this may find application in market and customer trend analysis. The technology may also be used in practical applications like virtual shopping and remote learning. The system has client-server architecture and uses the Component Object Model (COM) technology.

A Novel Approach for the Utilization and Enhancement of ICT using the Web.

Presented on the 4th National Conference on Science and Technology organized by RONAST(Royal Nepal Academy of Science and Technology). Kathmandu, Nepal, March 23-26, 2004

Keywords: browser extension, Co-Browse, COM, collaborative browsing, visitor analysis

Download Paper

Authors: Aman Shakya, Archana Shrestha, Arun Timalsina

Here is the full project report.


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