Tokyo tower

Sachit’s vinaju, who came from US, had a transit at Tokyo. We met him at his hotel Sunday evening. His flight was next day afternoon. So early morning we went to show him Tokyo. We went to the Tokyo tower.
I have put some pics also. The tokyo tower is 333 metres high. It is taller than the eiffel tower – but not so pretty. It looks more like a communication tower. We went to the observatory 150 metres high. Theres is a special observatory at 250 metres also. We can see Tokyo city all around – from Mt. Fuji to the sea. Tokyo seems to be very dense. Tokyo is very big.
We had less time. So we hurried to Shinjuku. We went to the metropolitan building. Its a twin tower. From the 45th floor we could again see Tokyo all around.  We dint have time to take him to the Times square.
Till now we havent gone much far from Tokyo.


  1. Rajiv Man said

    Cool . Photos haru pani heren.
    Tokyo tower ko photo google search garera heren. Band of red and white.  Day light ma it doesn\’t look that good.
    Rati dammi dekhcha jasto cha.


  2. Ouy said

    Hey, it\’s fortunate enough to see Japan and cross the border of so many countries in short term. I have never experienced 4 season before, till now i still wonder how does it feel to see different people at different places, different space, and most of all, out of this SEA region…
    I m always here…

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