Tokyo Disneyland

Last Friday was a national holiday here – bunka day (cultural day). I went to the Tokyo Disneyland with some Nepalis. It is definitely a fine enjoyable place. The ticket is very expensive though.

We went in the morning and stayed till 9 in the evening. But we chose the wrong day. The place was flooded with people as it was a holiday. There were very long queues for everything. Anyway we enjoyed many things there – the car ride, haunted mansion, amazing 3D movie show, Mickey Opera, the rotating cups and many more. Many things for children. But the most spectacular are the parades. People sit on the floor on both sides waiting to watch the parade from more than an hour before. They cheer up as the full size live Disney characters pass by – Mickey, Donald, Snow white and seven dwarfs, Cindrella.. lots of them (kids would know better). There are two parades – one in day and the other one at night. The night parade is more beautiful because everything is lighted up gorgeously. Everything is built up so fine and beautiful.

It is also remarkable how civilized the Japanese people are in spite of so huge masses – so patient, conscious and considerate. The Japanese kids are so cute and nice. They do not trouble their parents. They do not cry. Well trained. Almost all the Japanese had brought their kids.

Finally there are spectacular display of firework too.

Disneyland is definitely a wonderland for kids. All the characters they read in stories and watch in cartoons come to life.

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