The Panda at Ueno

There is also a zoological park at Ueno. Its a zoo with the main attraction – Panda.
Its not a big zoo. Nothing much special. However, must be enjoyable for kids. A lot of cute japanese kids coming there.  There was a long queue to see the Panda. There was just one white and black Panda. It was in kept in a small room covered by glass. Everyone was taking pictures of the panda, flasing their camera on the poor creature. Poor Panda – he kept on hiding his face with both hands. Though it was an attraction for many people, I felt pity for the Panda. I think he doesnt feel good in there.
There is one red panda also. The penguins were worth watching. And other few animals worth watching were polar beer, hippo, giraffee and gorilla.


  1. Rajiv Man said

    Ya. photos lina banda garaunu parne. Hero, let\’s start an NGO, U and I. We will make this a hot topic for discussion.

  2. Ouy said

    Cat, I can\’t see all the pics. The refreshing of the photos album is so slow. hmm, did you shake hand with the penguin?

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