Winter is finishing in Japan and Spring has come. We can see cherry blossoms on trees now – few days back the trees were just bare branches. Cherry blossom is called Sakura in Japan. It indicates the arrival of spring.
We went to the Ueno park to see Sakura. It is the most popular place in Tokyo to see Sakura. It was very beautiful. Pinkish white blooms covering the trees. Both sides of the avenue lines up by sakura. Japanese say "sughoi" (means great!) – sughoi sakura. Japanese were taking close of pictures of the blooms.
There were lots of Japanese coming to see Sakura. Many people making picnic there.  We had been in japan in exactly the wrong season – winter. We felt lucky enough to see the Sakura.


  1. Rajiv Man said

    Humm !! K bho ra !! U rarely had the fun of winter here in Ktm. Na snowfall nai ramrari dekheko thiyou hola. Now u can return to ktm and give some guffs about japan, winter and snowfalls. Ya ya, ofcourse about japanese beauties as well !!

  2. Ouy said

    I think the trees in AIT might be hybrid of Sakura. While you are writting about the blooming of them in Japan, here the pinkish flowers on trees were seen everywhere in AIT. Very beautiful indeed. Thou me and coco not in Japan, but i think the feeling of admiring is the same….

  3. Chinese said

    Sakura is so beautiful““`

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