Party with Japanese people

There was a party celebrating the graduation of two PhD students of my professor. It is an Okinawa style restaurant. Okinawa is an island in Japan in the south. The restaurant seemed to be very popular as there were lots of groups celebrating. I may have been bit odd being a vegeterian. The restaurant was famous for its pork dishes. The Japanese lady beside me asked "Do you eat pork?" though she knew that I was a vegeterian.
However, she found out few vegeterian dishes for me and my professor also ordered several vegeterian dishes for me. So I had a lot of things to eat !
The japanese people drink and talk freely and make fun in such gatherings. There is no heirarchy – the boss, the employee, all are the same in the party. And anyone can say anything to anyone in the party. You will have a very good excuse to say that I was drunk  😀
My professor was so friendly and mixed up with all his students just like perfect friends. All of them were talking so loud and merrily and making jokes. In working days I rarely hear them speak.
I also tasted Sake – japanese alcohol. It is not very strong and tastes fine. It was served in tiny cups – I had two. There were other stronger Japanese alcohols also. The Japanese people drink a lot. Everyone was drinking so much. The party was over at about 11. The total cost was divided and everyone paid. But they dint allow me to pay 🙂
After coming out of there almost all of them went again to another place  – to drink more !! The Japanese often do that. They drink, talk and enjoy more and stay late until the last train time.


  1. Rajiv Man said

    Sake !! how do u pronounce it ?? Sa Ke ??
    Hero pani till bhayo ki kya ho? I had a thought. Actually raksi non veg hunu parne. This way atleast few more ppl won\’t drink it. 🙂
    Good to hear that She found some veg food for you !
    It\’s raining out here. It\’s cold as well.

  2. Ouy said

    Sake… Ganbei…
    No drinking in AIT. Me and coco ban the drinking idea. Till you back, we will have German beer at Future Rangsit.

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