Meeting Asimo san

We went to Miraikan – National Museum of Science and Technology. The building is quite strange in architecture – cylindrical with glass walls all around. A number of exhibition areas inside. There are various shows and demonstrations everyday. We were quite late , so missed some shows. We missed the show of life science – I was expecting to see dinosaurs. Never mind.
However, the most exciting experience of the day was meeting Asimo san – the famous humanoid robot of Japan. There was a 10 min show of Asimo. Asimo entered into the arena with big cheer up and applause. He is a short white guy with a shiny black face. Amazing – the movements are so smoothly humanoid ! It can walk, talk, play, dance, stand on 1 foot, climb up and down stairs. Asimo speaks in Japanese and the demostration was in Japanese so I dint understand much. But things sounded interesting.
There are few other robots also in display including the pet dog robots. Theres is a lab for making robots.
From environmental science to life science to space science to information technologies – there were several things to see and learn. The museum is free for kids on Saturday. So we saw a lot of cute Japanese kids also


  1. Rajiv Man said

    {He is a short white guy with a shiny black face. }
    Baucha, it must be real good, isn\’t it? Robot lai "He" bhani dine !! K ho ! Yo japanese haru le pani kaam paundaina. Arabaun arab kharcha garera robot banauncha !!

  2. Aadit said

    hey aman dai,it seems the new prototype of ASIMO can also run now.I found 2 cool new videos. Japanese sure are way ahead of the rest of the world on AI.

  3. Ouy said

    Have you bought the AI doggie? I seen some papers published about the sale of robot dog which almost imitating the real animal itself.
    It barks and wagging it\’s tail like real. hmm…

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