Snowfall in Tokyo

I wake today morning and see out from the window. WOW! Its snowfall !!
Snow falling gently all over. I quickly got ready, put on my thick jacket and went out to the street. Wow! white white snow all over. I walked on snow, gathered snow by both hands.
I went to Sachit’s place to wake him up. We opened his big window and see snowfall from there also. Saturday, no work. So we went out with umbrella. We had never seen snowfall like this in city.
We had a pass, so we went to the National Art Museum first. Great Japanese and modern arts. But we were much more eager to enjoy the snowfall. So we went to the Imperial palace, very near our institute.
Very beautiful in the palace area. No traffic inside, few people walk. So cushions of undisturbed snow everywhere. Quite thick snowfall. Not so cold to touch snow. But when it melts its very cold. We saw people making snow man. White snow over trees, roof tops, everywhere. Great experience walking on snow, playing with snow.
We were talking, " we should have been here today with other friends too".
Some pics here


  1. Rajiv Man said

    So hero had his first real snowfall experience. Great great. How is it like walking on snow?

  2. said

    nice, everywhere snow!!

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