Living in Tokyo

I try to wake up early morning. But difficult to wake up from the warm bed. I get very sound sleep. Its cold outside, cool breeze. On my way to office I see people walking fast, some even running. Some run to cross the street before the crossing light turns red. Lot of people in the train station. In the escalators people always stand on the left side, so that people who want to walk up the automatic ladder can walk from the right.
People come early to the office. Everyone is working at own desk. Dont talk much. I sometime talk to the French guy on my left. The gentleman from Algeria behind me and the lady from Iran talked to me a bit. I havent talked much with Japanese yet. Many of them find difficult to talk in English. Some dont like to talk in English.
For lunch I can go to the mini stop outside or to the microbiotic vegeterian restaurants. Our place is an office area. The restaurants are busy during the lunch time. We can see queues. Finish lunch and then back to work.
Many places smoking is not allowed. Once when Sachit was smoking on the way, he found a no smoking sign on the pavement floor he was walking on. So, wherever he knows he can smoke, Sachit is tempted 🙂
We have a room to sleep in the office. If feel very sleep, can go there and sleep. Its warm and cozy inside the office. When I go back to my guest house at night (to sleep) I face the chilly wind again. I can find the train upto mid night. I sometimes see drunk people at night. Some people talking loudly and merrily on their way back home.


  1. Rajiv Man said

    Life seems very different there. So how\’z work there?

  2. Kishor said

    hey carbyl amine! why worry about anything if you want to sleep. I don\’t like to wake up, but that doesn\’t matter coz sleeping after that is even more enjoyable…Poor sachit! he can\’t smoke when he wants to. Testai ho. Besides that churot ekdam expensive huncha, so you can\’t think of wasting it in haste…

  3. said

    hi aman, nice to know the rush there, its almost same here but people stand on right of the escalators and leave way on left for others 😀

  4. Aadit said

    oye aman dai ………. one person told me that the japanese go to office well before the opening hours and stya back late even after the closing time, with no expectation of extra-pay. is it true?and by the way …….. u write well.

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